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Reliable Septic Pumping Services in Kamloops

Many residents across Kamloops and the surrounding area have septic tank systems to discharge wastewater effectively. Septic tanks help in the biological decomposition of wastewater and are a safe method to dispose of wastewater. As the septic tank involves decomposing biological waste, keeping the septic tank clean should be of foremost importance to property owners. Count on Kamloops Septic Service for reliable septic pumping services in Kamloops.


Kamloops Septic Service has the proper tools, equipment and knowledge to clean out and offer maintenance for pump chambers and lift stations. Removing thick sludge accumulated over time makes your pump’s job a lot easier by enabling liquid to flow freely again, so the pump doesn’t have to strain to do its work.

Why Is It Important?

Proper septic pumping service is essential as it can help remove clogs and allow easy movement of wastewater. This will not only keep your surroundings clean and free of odour but also increase the septic tank's durability.


If your septic tank is not cleaned, pumped and properly maintained, it can cause serious issues. The first obvious issue is the inconvenience of backed-up plumbing. It can also lead to distasteful, smelly plumbing problems that can become expensive to repair. Regular cleaning eliminates the discomfort of an unexpected septic system failure.

How Does It Work?

Septic tank pumping service involves a step-by-step procedure. At first, our staff will diagnose and note the overall condition of the septic system. Then, we will remove all liquid and solid waste accumulated in the septic tank. Once this is done, inlets and outlets will be checked for clogs and cleaned using disinfectants. We will also look for damages.


Though it is recommended to have septic pumping services once a year, it depends on the size of the tank and the number of people living in the house. Reach out to us if your septic system is clogged and you need immediate septic pumping services in Kamloops.


At Kamloops Septic Service, we also provide portable toilet rentals and hydro-excavating services for sewer and storm lines.

Count On Us To Get The Job Done

Kamloops Septic Service offers professional septic tank services in Kamloops. Set an appointment for us to come to inspect your pump and lift station today. Your satisfaction is our priority!

Call Us Today

Your toilet rental and septic solutions are a phone call away. 

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