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Professional Septic & Holding Tank Cleaning Services in Kamloops

Septic tanks that are clogged, or worse, back-flowing, are a major problem for everyone in your household, regardless of the size of your home. Similarly, if you travel in an RV, you know that cleaning and repairing wastewater holding tanks can be a chore. Kamloops Septic Service can do that messy job for you! We perform holding tank emptying and sanitizing.


Our tank cleaning process eliminates odour and harmful gaseous chemicals, using environmentally friendly methods and cleaning agents. We offer professional septic and holding tank cleaning services in Kamloops and the surrounding areas.


While many people often overlook the maintenance of septic tank systems, taking necessary precautions at the right time helps in the upkeep of the tank for a longer time. Inspecting and cleaning the septic systems at least once every three years is important.


Sediment buildup in your freshwater line can discolour sinks, tubs and toilets and lower the water flow pressure. Your freshwater tanks will receive our detailed attention too.


Kamloops Septic Service has certified cleaning experts who will diagnose the system and extend services accordingly.


You can trust us for quick and efficient work. We have the latest technology to use to clean the septic tank. We also take measures to control the odour and do not leave any mess behind. Rely on our skills and expertise and get your septic tank cleaned by Kamloops Septic Services.

We Find It & Clean It Out

Kamloops Septic Service locates, pumps out and offers maintenance for septic and holding tanks using technologically advanced equipment and environmentally friendly chemicals and procedures, eliminating the health hazards and odorous messes associated with tanks or lines that aren’t in proper working condition.


If you encounter any of the signs listed below, know that it is time to reach out for professional septic services:

  • Bad odour: A foul smell resembling that of sewage is present in your yard, as well as in your toilets.
  • Standing water: There is stagnant water in your yard and it is pooling around your septic tank and the drain field.
  • Slow draining and flushing: The water is not draining out as fast as it used to even after you try unclogging them and your toilets are not flushing properly.
  • Backed up toilets: Backup of raw sewage into your house and your toilets.

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance Helps a Lot

We recommend that your tank be cleaned every 1-3 years. However, at the first sign of trouble, call us immediately so we can thoroughly inspect your system. Catching a small problem before it turns into a large one saves you time, money and everyone within smelling distance of your residence a bit of odorous grief.

Schedule Appointment with the Experts

For professional septic tank cleaning services in Kamloops, contact us now. We inspect, clean and provide regular maintenance services. Contact us to arrange your septic tank service today! Don’t wait and deal with your septic tank problem today. Fill in the online form to get a response from our representatives.

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