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Trusted Portable Toilet Rentals in Kamloops

Are you struggling with finding portable washrooms for your outdoor venue in Kamloops? Turn to Kamloops Septic Service for portable toilet rental in Kamloops. We have wheelchair-accessible, portable toilet trailers, crane and construction toilets. Whether you're an event organizer or manager on a job site, you want to have washrooms nearby for everyone to use. That’s why several companies prefer Kamloops Septic Service for our service.


Whatever the event is, you can call Kamloops Septic Service, as we offer short-term and long-term rental options. We also provide longer-term deals as long as you rent more toilets. We have lots of stock, so we can do as much as festivals require. Also, we provide coloured and gender-neutral toilets. We do use green products like salt in our portable toilets. Our team of professionals takes care of everything from portable toilet delivery and haul-aways to day-to-day maintenance.


We provide portable toilet rental in Kamloops for:



Public events






Golf courses

Mobile home parks


Portable restrooms and trailers

Let us know the quantity and style that you need, and we will deliver them to you and pick them up when you’re finished. In addition to renting portable toilets, we also clean septic and holding tanks .

Different Types of Toilets

Our flexibility allows us to service different clients no matter how small or large the need is. You can trust us to supply and service your event with the appropriate portable sanitized, cleaned and meticulously maintained toilets. In addition to regular portable toilets, you also have customized options available, including:

Pink toilets for women

Wheelchair accessible portable toilets

Optimum Placement Planning

Portable toilets are all about convenience, and ideally, no one should ever be without one close by. Our experienced staff will help you evaluate the optimum locations for the portable toilets you’ve selected.

Long and Short-term Rentals

We will arrange for you to keep the units as long as you need them, with most agreements being offered weekly or monthly. If you need the toilets on a long-term basis, we can also arrange to empty, clean and restock them regularly.


Excellent Customer Service

Our high-quality products do not only distinguish us, but we also lead the way in terms of customer service and site rental expertise. Our team is quick to respond and will assist you at every step, including choosing the right portable toilet. The technicians don’t simply drop off the portable toilets; they ensure a smooth rental experience.


Call us or submit a form to be connected with our customer care team and receive your free portable toilet rental price quote.

Portable toilets

Affordable Portable Toilets

Your toilet rental and septic solutions are a phone call away. 

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